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How to style graphic tees

When we talk about designed clothing, we think of the most unique fashion possible. But the most recent NYFW had quite a different approach to its designs this time.

A lot of graphic T-shirts were seen on the runway and you know it is going to be a trend if it is on the runway of NYFW.
Bloggers have switched to creating simple and chic looks rather than going bold and edgy. All you have to do is pick out a simple graphic tee from your closet and you are ready for 2017. Well, it is easier said than done. We all know what a big issue it is to find out a perfect outfit. Here are a few ways in which you can resolve this daily problem of yours.
Add just the right amount of jewels
Now we know that graphic tees are quite simple and there is not much going on with them. But this doesn’t mean that we will flood them with jewellery. We need to use just the appropriate amount of bling. You can go with a pendant and a ring or a bracelet. It will give the perfect glam needed for your look. Don’t go overboard with heavy jewellery.
Try a shrug or a jacket
A jacket over your graphic tee will add an element to your outfit. This will help you look a little bit more put together.
Add matching accessories
Using the accessories that goes with the graphics on your t-shirt, will complement the designs on the tee. You can choose accessories that go with the theme of the design. For example, if the tee has a floral design, you can go all girly with the accessories.
Create a simple outfit
If you want the design on your t-shirt to shine and be the heart of the outfit, you can wear a pair of leggings or denims. This is easy to do and you will surely look good.
Go colourful
Mostly graphic tees are black, white or grey. If you are someone who likes colour in their outfits, you can add all the coloured elements that you want. Like, throw on a red jacket over a white graphic tee or maybe wear multi-coloured shoes or flats.
Keep in mind these few tips and you are ready to be your own stylist every morning.

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