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Prayas Foundation

We often talk about how we want the world to be and what people should do to make it a better place. Some say that poverty should be eradicated. Some talk about helping the unfortunate. But is it really worth it if we are here just to say things and not do anything.

Chainsmokers India Tour 2017

Recently the beliebers went all crazy as their idol Justin bieber put up a grand show for them in India. But now it's time for The Chainsmokers' fans to start preparing for something they've been waiting for, since a long time.

The Cranium Contrast

If you are someone who has an interest in fashion or even photography, you might have heard the term ‘contrast’. In fashion, contrast is basically the arrangement of two extreme things together. This may include light colours with dark colours or bold textures with smooth prints. But what fascinates me the most, is the trend of putting two very different things together and i.e. the SKULL pattern and the FLOWER pattern. I am sure we all have seen those cute designs on t-shirts or even on phone covers.